WAR AND PEACE, media installation, 2012

WAR AND PEACE, media installation, 2012

The rusted through cannon balls, that lain centuries in the earth suddenly acquire original shape, “sprouting” with a black lace. Though they are one single form, they confrontate with each other and here begins the eternal dispute between man and woman. As opposition to rough, destructive force of the military weapon – the light and fragile black lace, mourning for death.

The artist clashes masculine, military – with feminine, peaceful, graceful. Force to Beauty. That is wedding and opposition, and complementarity.

Besides, the idea of the “reversed” space is important. A trace of past battles like ashes showers from a grass, teared away by the new life. In the words of Heraclitus, life and death are two opposite conditions of one life. Nowadays we might be discouraged at the sight and weight of the two-volume Lev Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”. But in the XXI century, this burden is not pressing authority. An artist can afford to borrow the name of a classical masterpiece without remorse. Especially here it is a question of the pure form, effective symbols of the Death (iron cannon balls) and the Life (hand-made black lace spheres). Force and Fragility, Destruction and Beauty. If this conflict some day is overcome, cannon balls will become unnecessary, deprived of its function and the lace will be just a pattern. And the Beauty finally will save the world destroyed by the War.

01 -Война и Мир_эскиз_трава 02 -Война и Мир_инсталляция