THE PROPS FOR THE DREAM, media installation, 2013

The installation is comprised of the black cube, with three-part layers of the plastic glass with wedding ceremony supplies fragments, enclosed in them, and the LSD panel on the background. The video of the fast-flowing river with rapids. The Deep Well of Memories.

“…Where a quiet stream is flowing
Stands a mountain high and steep
In it lies a cavern deep;
In this cave in shadows dismal
Sways a coffin, made of crystal…
…Where the Princess lay at rest
In the deep sleep of the blest…”
(A. Pushkin, “Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”)

The childish idea of life is always touched with obscurity, fabulousness. The “secret” allow you to make your own treasury. When something dear is hired away, it makes you wonder, whether the hostile will steal it. So the days or months later, you, all burning with impatience, delve the soil in order to find that same lace fragment carefully covered with piece of broken color glass…And that was not only the “game”. That was a big era in the Soviet period, the children’s practice, gone away nowadays. From the adult point of view it was absolutely absurd occupation. No competition and no winners. It was a sacramental act, and the plot was to see what will happen next with your “secret” buried treasure…If I take the “Beauty”, part with it and bury it in the ground…and see, how it exists independently. Taking risks. The glass, covering the “treasures” becomes the window to another world, out of Time. This is my message to future generations.
And later this children’s experience grows into the dream of the Wedding Ceremony, shrouded in mystery of unknown love and happiness…


Nadya Anfalova_The Props for the Dream_2 Nadya Anfalova_The Props for the Dream_2 Nadya Anfalova_The Props for the Dream_33 Nadya Anfalova_The Props for the Dreams_2 Nadya Anfalova_The Props for the Dreams_5